The transformation in the market and companies, which began in the past with the founding of steam power and electricity, is being realized through digital technologies today. Companies are investing in a wide range of tools and technologies to keep up with the transformation in the digital age. In return, they use the opportunities and innovations offered by digitalization to rapidly increase their productivity and find the opportunity to grow.

Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business. A target is to achieve digitalization such that there is an explicit connection between the services offered by businesses and the real demands of clients. Digital Transformation in business areas often provides information about where and how to buy and sell, how to make advertisements, how to produce and transport efficiently, and how to contact the customer. In production mode, digitalization means digitally designing products, creating and practicing almost immediately before producing the product, and maintaining a relationship between a sold and leased product, its users and the manufacturer.

The concept of efficiency, which is one of the most important performance indicators of enterprises, is an indispensable, priority and increasing value in all areas of life. In order for enterprises to enter new markets, to survive, to increase their market share and to adapt to this competitive environment, they should take into account factors affecting operational efficiency and try to improve them. The supply chain of an enterprise includes all processes related to the flow of products and services from raw materials to finished products. Digitalization can considerably reduce the cost-sharing between businesses, marketing plans and projected sales forecasts and it has diversified with the emergence of new innovative ideas and products, and it has become easier to reach and expand with low costs. For businesses, innovation has benefits such as increased the company’s market share, adaptation to global business requirements, competitive advantage, cost advantage, business growth, productivity growth, and profitability. In this context, it is an undeniable fact that innovation is an important factor in increasing productivity and profitability.

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