New research shows that SMEs are moving towards agile working in 2018.

The business world is changing rapidly, and new technologies are being used to make processes more efficient, specific and responsive.

52% of 1,608 SMEs, including Turks, interviewed as part of a Europe-wide survey, said they thought their businesses would fail without digital transformation and adoption of new technology.

In an increasingly competitive market, most SMEs see technology as a means of increasing their business. 86% of decision-makers are actively focusing on improving agile work. 51% bring new technologies specifically to respond to new trends and the numerous opportunities a good digital strategy can offer.

While the myths of technology such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence were realized, how are the SMEs that make up 98% of the total enterprises in our country?

SMEs have begun to digitize with easy-to-understand and affordable technologies. Reaching the right target audience in marketing via website, content, social media and e-mail makes significant differences in a short time.

While digital transformation is the key to survival, especially for SMEs, there are some discouraging factors here. One of the main problems is the rapid adoption of new technologies due to the lack of trained manpower. Data security, high investment and operational costs, lack of IT personnel, system change requirements, lack of future digital standards and financial deficiencies are the most important ones.

As SMEs receive positive responses for the cost and effort they spend, they will give more importance to digital transformation and work for their sustainability.