Digital Promotion and Loyalty Platform;

• Advertising and promotion of products,

• Promoting with reliable and innovative methods,

• To learn more about their customers,

• Enables brands to increase interaction with personalized messages by collecting customer data. At the same time, Digital Promotion and Loyalty Platform is integrated with Pera Platform.

By collecting points, loyalty campaigns can be designed according to products & services such as product / physical gift / digital gift earning.

In addition, the platform allows consumers to purchase and win prizes; free products, physical gifts and digital services (Spotify, League of Legends, Netflix, etc. Products) is able to attract the attention of customers.

It provides the brand with more power, voice, and access to information than ever before, giving customers a simple and good customer experience with more gifts and instant products & services with personalized messages.

With Digital Promotion and Loyalty Platform;

• Increasing customer loyalty through digital loyalty programs,

• To allow brands to promote their products,

• Providing brands to organize campaigns in digital and secure ways.

We will share all of this with the customers of the brand through the application we will develop the software.



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