Campaign With our cloud management system, machine learning and big data analysis technologies works. Campaign Cloud enables the user to be singularized with the actions taken by the user. In this way, the brand offers user-specific offers instantly without the need for any effort.

The order / service request information of the customers, the 1st party data (customer information, province, segment, demography) and the 3rd party data (weather, water shortage, calendar (public holidays etc.), campaigns) are collected and stored. In addition, information obtained from different data sources can be processed on the Campaign cloud with the 3rd Party Data Integration.

The following objectives can be achieved by developing successful models with machine learning algorithms:

  • Reduce campaign costs by predicting customers with high probability of campaign return.

  • Fast action by automating data analysis and campaign creation processes, reducing labor costs and operational error risk.

  • In order to prevent external influences such as weather and traffic, it is possible to increase customer loyalty / product usage by informing them in advance in such cases.

The following models are foreseen for customers:

  • Customer segmentation

  • Predictive Customer Loss Model

  • Alarm Model (Early Warning System)

  • Consumption Forecast Model

  • Campaign Return Model

With the implementation of the model, it is aimed to define one-to-one communication by identifying different campaigns specific to each customer.

With our Kaizen TAG, Voice Order and Tektuş products, segmented customers are used as input to this module and special offers are provided to the relevant audience. Offers are delivered to the user via SMS, E-Mail, Push notification or pop-up on the mobile site.