Pera Platform is focused on D2C. With the Pera platform, which is the D2C platform developed by Kaizen, brands reach the customers through new generation channels such as Internet of Things (IoT, NFC), Voice Assistant (Google) etc., which are also developed by Kaizen, communicating between the brand and the customer (order, campaign information, customer loyalty, allowing the digital transformation of the customer experience with new technology trends.

As Kaizen Telekom, we bring customers and brands together without intermediaries with our direct2consumer products focused on user experience in fast consumption, consumer electronics and retail sectors.

Brands can create exclusive channels by integrating Kaizen products or their own products into our D2C Platform.

With the products and services we provide from Platform;

• New generation easy ordering experience and “care” services (Google Now, Tektus, Kaizen Tag, QR / NFC)

• Smart campaign capability with consumer behavior, content consumption and 3rd party data integrations,

• We ensure that channel dependency is reduced by accessing customer information in accordance with KVKK.

Kaizen solutions consist of two main parts. In summary, our IoT, Tag, Voice Assistant products and end-user requests (orders, information, etc.) are transferred to Kaizen Commerce Platform. With Kaizen Commerce Platform, user demand from channels is enriched with machine learning and 3rd party data.

Campaigns are created on the platform that allow users to be re-targeted in the most accurate way.

We have realized our IoT and Big Data solutions with different international brands such as Arçelik, Danone, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever and we have contributed in many areas.

We reduced channel and logistics costs p with our new generation retail projects implemented with different companies and increased P customer loyalty.

With the real-time customer data we uncover, we make sense of user habits and help brands determine the right strategy.